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Online Pharmacy


Click on the picture above to get to our Home Delivery Online pharmacy. 
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Use the REMIND ME system to receive one dose per month of heartgard preventative and flea and tick control - delivered to your home.

Remember, there must be a doctor - patient relationship before we can approve the purchase of prescription medication.  Call 386-943-8646 for an appointment for us to see your pet.

If Dr. Seuss were a vet .... by unknown poet

I won't dispense it, Sam I am,
I won't dispense without exam.

I won't dispense it to your dog.

Although you'll bash me in a blog.

I won't dispense it to your friend,

who yells at me without an end.

I won't dispense it for the ear,

For the eyes, or for the rear.

I won't dispense it if you yell,

How mean I am - the world you'll tell.

I won't dispense it to your cat,

to your bird, or to your rat.

I won't give in - I'm standing tall,

Although you'll whine and cry and call.

I won't dispense it, Sam I am.

You can't have meds without exams !!


Well Pet Care Clinic
2540 N Volusia Ave
Orange City, Fl 32763

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